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 Griot Pictures is developing a feature film for theatrical release on the life of the Chevalier de Saint George. (See "Headlines"). With the support of the Friends of Saint George Society, Griot Publishing is also developing several books on the Chevalier.

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Griot Pictures - Chevalier de Saint George Feature Film Project
Chevalier de Saint George
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Chevalier de Saint George Headlines

Griot Pictures Hires Screenwriter Paris Qualles, through International Creative Management (ICM) for "Chevalier"...

Producer John Eckert Attached As Line Producer

Chevalier de Saint George Synopsis

The story of the Chevalier de Saint-George ("Knight of Saint-George") depicts the rise, fall, and rebirth of an athletic, musical, and military hero who became a superstar in 18th century France. Born on Christmas Day, 1745 in the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, to a Senegalese slave and a French colonialist, Saint-George was a breakthrough composer and violin virtuoso who came to be called "Le Mozart Noir"... more >> Enter Chevalier de Saint George Website

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